PhD/MFA. teacher. alleged writer. literary + cultural studies scholar. sometimes: design + translation. 

Simpson Center for the Humanities

From 2019-2020, I was the Communications Manager at the University of Washington’s Simpson Center for the Humanities, where I worked with faculty and students to promote their scholarship and share their work with the public. The Simpson Center fosters intellectual discovery across boundaries, supporting cross-disciplinary exchange among scholars at the UW and beyond.

These are links to some of the writing I’ve done for the Simpson Center. Aside from my writing, I’m currently redesiging our website. I’ve also developed a video series called Keywords and I’m working on developing a podcast called Strong Ties. I also lead writing workshops and retreats for humanities and social sciences scholars who wish to do public-facing work based on their research.

CHCI-ACLS Fellow Joel Alden Schlosser on the Politics of Refusal, Ancient Greek Philosophy, and the Language of Flourishing,” November 2019. 

Interrupting Privilege: UW Professor of Communication Ralina Joseph Is Teaching People to Talk About Race Across Generational and Racial Lines,” June 2019. 

Unsettling Graduate Education: American Indian and Indigenous Studies at the UW,” May 2019.

Gillian Harkins Awarded Barclay Simpson Prize for Prison Education Work,” April 2019.